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Our Philosophy

Why are our products slightly more expensive than other products? Our gardening practices are sustainable, utilizing absolutely no chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Part of our sustainable cultivation process is that we only apply compost made by ourselves which is sourced from the local community. This maximizes natural growth. Being sustainable is not a compromise, but rather a way of life. We believe doing things the right way will give healthier yields, more vigorous growth, and more bountiful flowers for harvest. Peace of mind is the most important part to the process knowing that there are no petroleum byproducts, carcinogens or other mysterious unknown substances. For us, this is PRICELESS.

100% Sustainability

For us, nature is the only way, and growing through organic gardening is the superior option. Safety motivates us because we want to know what is in our soil and plants. We keep our children, family and friends foremost in our mind, not wanting to do them any harm. The use of chemical herbicides and pesticides is rampant; the more negative effects we see from genetically modified crops and synthetic fertilizers, the firmer our stance. We find the choice an easy one… growing organically. We want to do everything within our power to control what we and our loved ones consume. We love our families, our fellow neighbors, and our environment and growing organically is our sign of our commitment and respect to and for them.

Never Tested on Animals

We never test our products on animals; however, our products are great for them too! Our premium products, which are so beneficial for humans, can yield the same results for our beloved pets. Our products are human-tested and safe for pet consumption (horses, dogs, cats, etc.). Our pet products are specifically developed and formulated so pets can also enjoy the many benefits of CBD. 

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Strawberry Lemonade

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Raspberry Black

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Mango Lemonade

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