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HHC Infinity Vape Cart

Discover the difference in our Premium Products. Made with the highest quality distillate and combined with Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT)


Dosi Mango is an indica strain. The flavor profile may be sweet and fruity but does have a pine undertone.


Skywalker OG is a hybrid strain. The flavor profile combines pine and earthy undertones. 


Apple Jack is a hybrid. The flavor profile is earthy with flavors of apple.


Watermelon OG is an indica. The flavor profile is of a fruity watermelon, with a hint of grape and hash undertones. 

Yoda OG is an indica. It has an earthy, woody flavor. 

Platinum OG is an Indica dominant 75/25 that delivers a punch. Earthy with spices and herbs.


Goji OG is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. The flavor profile is berry with a earthy undertone. 

Purple Punch is an indica strain. 


Barry White is an hybrid strain. The flavor profile is Barrie with a hint of blueberry.


King Louis is an indica. The flavor profile is known for its pine sent with earthy tones and a woody flavor profile.

Blueberry AK is a hybrid strain. The flavor profile has a musky odor and may be peppery at times, but does have berry undertones. 


Cherry Pie is a hybrid. It's flavor profile is sweet berry with an earthy undertone. 


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